Christmas tree – to plastic or not.

This weekend it was time for us to get a tree and decorate it. We decided a long time ago, that we´d get a plastic tree, if we could get a nice one – and if we promised each other, that we will use it for at least 20 years, we would feel okay about it. Both of us have ADHD and our experiences with real trees are, that we forget everything about them, so when we reach april, the livingroom is fully covered in the needles from the tree. We also have a cat and a dog, and bringing in a real tree would be…too exciting for them, and I was right. I´ve been fighting them off all the other years, but none of them seem to even recognise, that there´s a tree in the livingroom – and the good thing with the plastic tree is alto, that it´s possible to push it up against one corner, so it doesn´t take up too much space. There´s the environmental thing, but I´m not sure it´s as bad, if we use it for as long as possible and go to the recycling station and wort the different bits and pieces in the right materials. I hope we´re right. Either way we´re saving quite a bit of money on NOT buying a tree every year and start up the car to go get it etc. But let me know what you think (and maybe even know).

We bought a Spitsbergen tree – and ofcourse we did that on black friday alongside the last christmas-gifts. We got a decent discount of about 35%, so it was okay. I was pretty surprised how good quality it was and how lifelike it is, although it´s only the outer branches, that are really natural, but it´s a compromise, we were ready to accept.

It´s out first christmas with B´s kids, as they´ve been with their mother every year up til now, and B has celebrated christmas with her family even though the divorce was final almost 3 years ago when I met him. He didn´t think he could give them just as good a christmas as she could, and they were pretty young. This year, however, it felt wrong, for us to go to her family, when we´re kind of starting our own traditions and ways of doing things as a couple with three kids, so we´re having the kids, and we´re turning the christmas-preperations up a notch.

So… this sunday we decorated the christmas tree, and a really good thing about putting it in the corner is, that it is possible to decorate a tree with the same amount of lights as when I only had little trees standing on a small side table. I really enjoy it – and how it brings hygge in to our living room. I´ve decided, since we have a plastic tree, to compensate and not buy “gold lametta”, even though it has been one of my guilty pleasures for decades, when it came to christmas trees. I do need a it more sparkle to be satisfied, but…I will have to think about better solutions that can be used every year.

Yeah – I know. I should´ve cleaned the room, but I was excited.
Yes. This is a unicorn. S made it for me saturday when we went to Glow in Odense. I think it´s beautiful, just like the bits and pieces my son made for me when he was a kid.

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