Covid-19 – what we´re doing.

We have people close to us and in our household with respitory diseases and autoimmune diseases, so no matter how “not alarmed” other people are – we have changed our ways of living. Not much – but enough for other people to notice it and think we´re bonkers. But honestly – if our biggest loss is being called bunkers and being wrong – we are satisfied. We´re actually hoping that this is the case.

  1. we´ve filled the pantry
  2. neither of us shake hands or hug other people
  3. we only buy what is in boxes or bags that can be wiped down with alcohol – so no fresh groceries for us except what we grow
  4. visitors are told to spray hands with alcohol and if we serve them anything, they put their glass in the dishwasher them selves, and we use the intensive program.
  5. only one of us shops. Me. And I have shopping clothes and wear gloves. I only touch what I buy.
  6. we are pretty much self-quaranteening – not totally due to jobs, but we want to be able to track down people we either infect or know who might infected us.
  7. We´ve cancelled meetings where we´ve had to be close to others and unable to stay out of 2 m. and I wipe off handles and sinks etc. when using other toilets than my own…
  8. – and most important – we are open about our worries.

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What have we learned from those who came before us?

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