Declutter and emotions.

We’re on our way to “our way of” minimalism, but we don’t want to throw away stuff, that we’ll eventually need. Maybe it’ll take a while (years) , but still…It’ll save us money when we get there.

Living room chaos while de cluttering. The couch, the books and a lot more is on its way out. V is on the floor with his iPad.

We have finally realised that we are medium hoarders. We do throw stuff away which we do not need, or can’t find any use of, but… Yeah. So now that we’re kind of on a second (self-made) lock down, staying at home as much as we can, we decided to start from one end and declutter.

So far Mr. has spent 3 days in “his room” and managed to get rid of about 100 of his roleplay books. He still has about 600 left in his room. The good thing about this is, that these books is not just thrown out, but we can sell them, and that’ll get us tyres for this winter. I’m so proud of him, if that is something I can say without sounding like talking to a child. Because I am not.

Mr. lost his dad a few months ago, and he didn’t feel anything he said. He didn’t cry, and he didn’t “feel” any sadness. But helping him start in his “dungeon” I asked if I could put all his newly purchased Nerf Guns in a pile in the kitchen. I didn’t say anything. Just piled them up. Before going to bed I asked him to turn around and answer just one question: “are you 100% sure, you didn’t feel any kind of sadness when your father died? ” Mr. stood silently for a while. Then he took a deep breath and hugged me hard for a long time. We didn’t talk about it. But we now know, that Mr. is buying stuff instead of dealing with hard feelings. We’ll have to remember that as an indicator. When stuff show up at the house…we need to talk. We’re not there just yet, but I hope one day, he’ll be able to go through his mind searching for the real reason, before spending money.

I’ve decluttered a few times before, but it is an ongoing process, mostly because we need decent organisation to keep an overview of stuff. But since I don’t really know what kind of storage option really works, and I don’t want to spend money on useless “hacks”, I am making my own.

So… Welcome to my drawer organiser. I had a few hard paper/cardboard pages from an old scrapbook, and some tape. And yup.. It is pretty hard to find nice words to say about its aesthetics, but… It works. Bits and pieces cut to size and taped together. Because of some rough edges and wobbly sides, due to the kids doing the measurements, I “prettied it up” with some old washi tape. I will perhaps make a new and prettier one later on, but right now… This does the job. And before knowing if it is actually useful, I won’t waste ressources on making sometjing new.

No more clutter (we hope)

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