This site was created after I submitted a post on Facebook in my Texan mom Debbie´s group called “Debbies family recipes”, where a woman named Carol wrote, that her mom married during the Great Depression and was very frugal regarding food and cooking, and that my post restored her faith in a woman´s ability to make the best of what she has, and then the conversation continued, and well… here´s the blog.

Mr. and I live together in a (danish) medium sized town. We moved in to an old duplex in 2019, why this blog will also be a journal on building a loving relationship (and marriage) in a blended family. I have a son T. who just moved away from home, and we have Mr.´s boys S. and V. every other weekend, as they live with their mom half an hour from here. We also have a shih-tzu and a cat, so life is never truly boring.