Christmas and new year makes AHA-moments.

We made it through Christmas and new years eve…and no. We didn’t manage to stay frugal. Actually it went the other way. Having the small ones for the first time made us lose our focus, but it’s fine. My adult son was home too. Next year is without kids, and it’ll be an entirely other level. We spent the night with B’s sister and this was all the presents, primarily for the three small kids there, but I was showered with love in the form of presents as well.

Getting married in a few..five…months time, B decided that my golden and simple engagement ring should have a tiny diamond. We had originally agreed on just moving it from one hand to another, but he wanted to make sure it was something special after the wedding. I was happy to learn he made an effort to make sure it wasn’t blood-diamonds, but it did cost a bit extra. We will add it to the ring in may a few weeks before the wedding.

The best present, however, was this box. The kids wanted to decorate it for me, and had their dad write to “Maya-mom”. A few weeks earlier S asked if he could call me mom, but I said no, as he only has one mom and she’s the most important person next to dad, but that I’d like him to find a new name for me. So he decided to call me Maya-mor every now and then. V has followed him a bit, but I’m leaving it up to them. Still…listening to then while they decorated the box for the giant unicorn they got me, made me melt and I’ll be saving that as a treasured memory forever.

New years eve we spent alone. We needed it. And I got to test my crockpot for real by making brisket. It was amazing. So was the homemade “kransekage” because in Denmark you can’t have new years eve without this. Most people buy it, because it’s pretty sticky and they think it’s too much work, but that’s because they’ve never tried it. If you can live with the amateur look it’s better than the store bought one. The recipe should be with the picture.

January has, so far, brought knowledge that adding your credit card to Google play is a shitty idea. I didn’t…but B did. And we decided to check out how much money had used on his games…which created a relationship crisis. I won’t say how much he spent the last 18 months, but… me deciding to try to save money on my wedding dress and foods and so on because “we don’t have a lot of money”…. I felt betrayed, and he was not in his proudest moment to say the least. He didn’t realise the amount until then.

Buuut… You can only fix what you know what’s broken, so we took off the possibility to buy stuff online, and got him an old nokia. Which actually freed a lot of time together as well. Maybe some day he’ll be back on the android, but we’ve talked about waiting until after the wedding just to keep it safe.

So… that’s all for now.

Banana bread and why dirty kids in a tiny car is a bad idea.

This was supposed to be our weekend with the kids, but they had signed up for their first scout-camp this weekend, so we picked them up today and they´re going to school (and their moms place) tomorrow. It´s a bit sad for us, but they had an amazing trip with their friends and we picked them up all covered in mud and dirt with glassy tired eyes and red cheeks. Just as they´re supposed to be.

The only thing that didn´t go in the washing machine today was the kids (they showered) and being a bit too frugal I overloaded the machine with jackets, snowsuits, sleeping bags and everything else…so it refused to function and we had to empty it manually and…yeah…*deep breath*… we had to use the dryer to make it before midnight. Little monsters really generate a lot of laundry.

I don´t enjoy the thought of tomorrow though, because the mix of a tiny car and the boys´muddy boots are just…*sigh*… oh well, we thought about going to the carwash anyway, and I DID think about making car seat (and trunk) covers from an old tarp I have laying around somewhere…so yeah, no need to complain – except from the fact that I wish I didn´t procrastinate the first time I thought about makin it, so I didn´t have a muddy car on the inside as well. I will make a post about the tarp-project some day this week… and post pictures of my muddy car seat below this paragraph tomorrow.

But anyway, my little monsters are going home tomorrow, and because I had a lot of ripe bananas and a few carrots left, I decided to experiment and bake a banana bread – thingy for them to take to school.

B worked in London “back in the 90´s” and when we visited one of my many ex´s brother in law – who has the CUTEST and most amazin cake-shop named “Cravings” in Copenhagen – a few months ago, B had banana bread and said it brought him back to “when” while he looked at me with teary eyes and a smile on his face that wouldn´t come off.

SO…of course my plan was to destroy that sweet memory and bake a different version of banana-bread and maybe even make it healthy-er, so the teachers don´t frown too much because the kids are bringing cake to school…

I don´t know how it will be just yet – it´s in the oven right now, while I´m sitting here writing. But if it is a crappy recipe – you will know what NOT to use, right? 😀

Banana and carrot bread

READ the recipe before you begin – I am a very spontaneous person when cooking, so I don´t even out spoons or anything – it´s pretty much a “go with the flow” thing.


3 very ripe bananas (dark spots on the peel is good for the sugar-level)

3 small (ok mine were tiny) carrots – peeled

1 egg

50g (1/3 cup) butter (I used salted)

Salt – a little more than a so called pinch

1,5 teaspoon of baking soda

50g (about 1/2cup) white sugar

50g (1/2cup) whole wheat rye flour

100g (1 cup) wheat flour

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1,5 teaspoon vanilla-sugar (or what ever kind of vanilla it measures up to)

My left over bananas and carrots from my “too good to go”-bag fron Lidl a few days ago.
  • First I preheated the oven (convection) to 175C/350F
  • Then I mashed the bananas completely (use a fork if you don´t want to do too many dishes, but I´m lazy and B is amazing, so I used my tupperware-chopper-thingy (I googled it and its called a smooth chopper)
  • I tupperware-thingy-chopped the carrots as well, but you may grate them if that is what you prefer
  • Now melt the butter and mix it in
  • Crack an egg and throw it in along with the salt
Yes….a pink bowl is pretty – if it´s not tormented with splashes of carrot orange and yellow yolk 😀

  • It´s obvious that the picure below has the wheat flour, baking soda, rye flour, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla in it, right? Well…it has. Mix it for a few moments, but not too much, just to make sure everything is “wet” and mixed “okay”.
Dry ingredients and a sweet smeel of cinnamon
  • I have this silicone baking dish from Tupperware as well, and yes – it´s expensive if you have to buy it, but I got it as a hostess-present 7 years ago, so here´s a frugal tip for you: host a tupperware party and get a free gift – but remember to check out and wait for the right present, or you´ll end up with weird sh*t….Anyway I did oil it up a bit today, because my darling B put it in the dishwasher last time I used it, and I wanted to be sure I could get the bread out for pretty pictures for you lot.
In the baking dish – don´t mind the messy table, mkay?
  • baking time? Yeah… that´s actually a mystery for me, because the usual recipes online says 45-50 minutes, but it was still sticking to my knitting pin when I tested it, so I turned off the heat and left it in there for “a while”…and yes…it´s dark, but I didn´t burn it…and it doesn´t really taste burned, although there IS a caramelized and unknown flavor to it, so maybe I did burn it a little?
  • REVIEW: It´s really soft – waaay more than I expected – and it´s not too sweet but still yummy, so I guess I´ll go grab another piece before someone eats it all within a blink of an eye.
I looks dark, and maybe even burned, but it´s REALLY soft and sweet… I´m pretty surprised by this, to be honest. I´ll make it again some day, I´m sure.