Housewife lexicon and changing perspectives.

Nope. I’m not really a housewife, but I am married (yup, we had a Corona-gerden-wedding) and I have a crush for old books and knowledge that seem long forgotten. So when I found this book I couldn’t help myself. First edition from 1930, but this 7th edition is from 1953.

My husband thinks I’m crazy, but he has learned a lot since me purchasing this. Going back to basics is not all bad, and considering the times we’re in right now, learning from the past is maybe not such a bad idea after all?

I know, I learned from my great grandma and the  two tiny book/pamphlets she wrote when she was old and shared with all of us, her kids, grandkids and everyone of her family members – if we wanted one. I accepted, and I also It is only one sentence, but I believe that it is the reason why I’m so obsessed with trying to stay safe and not spread the covid-19 virus. Reading the few lines about my great grandma only just surviving the Spanish flu in 1918 so many times, had me on alert from an early beginning.

I want to take care of my family in many many years to come as well. So I will be writing about these times. Let them know what happened and about what basic skills you need to make it through rough times. I’m not an actual prepper in the doomsday version, but there will be other pandemics, and nature seems to strike back at us. So the immense prosperity and easy life we in the western world has gotten used to, is maybe not what we are looking in to for the next few generations.

So why am I writing about this? Because I know this blog was supposed to be a frugal blog, but now it is turning in to so much more, changing its perspective from just saving money in to a different kind of awareness, and maybe even ending up being more personal.

Covid-19 – what we´re doing.

We have people close to us and in our household with respitory diseases and autoimmune diseases, so no matter how “not alarmed” other people are – we have changed our ways of living. Not much – but enough for other people to notice it and think we´re bonkers. But honestly – if our biggest loss is being called bunkers and being wrong – we are satisfied. We´re actually hoping that this is the case.

  1. we´ve filled the pantry
  2. neither of us shake hands or hug other people
  3. we only buy what is in boxes or bags that can be wiped down with alcohol – so no fresh groceries for us except what we grow
  4. visitors are told to spray hands with alcohol and if we serve them anything, they put their glass in the dishwasher them selves, and we use the intensive program.
  5. only one of us shops. Me. And I have shopping clothes and wear gloves. I only touch what I buy.
  6. we are pretty much self-quaranteening – not totally due to jobs, but we want to be able to track down people we either infect or know who might infected us.
  7. We´ve cancelled meetings where we´ve had to be close to others and unable to stay out of 2 m. and I wipe off handles and sinks etc. when using other toilets than my own…
  8. – and most important – we are open about our worries.