Ask the past – List of recipes based on oranges!

Totally not my picture – stole it from wikipedia

When I was a kid, they weren´t available all year round here in Denmark, but – globalization has made it pretty common. However, to me, oranges and other orange citrus-fruits like mandarines and clementines are “christmassy”. However – I always end up with a net of oranges, that I can´t eat, but I don´t really know how to cook with oranges.

So…I decided to “ask the past”…

In the Housewifes lexicon from 1946, they list different ways to use your oranges. Having friends from abroad, I know, that we don´t always use the same names for the same foods (a bisquit in the US is not the same as a bisquit in Europe), but I am not a native english/american speaker, so…I´ll just write the Danish word for it, and how I believe it is translated, so you can make your own research.

I haven´t got the time to write all the recipes just yet, and since I don´t think posting recipes I didn´t try myself – is appropriate, I am on my way to buy this years first net of oranges 😀 I can´t wait to show you ❤

Appelsinbudding – orange pudding

Appelsincreme – orange cream (maybe custard?)

Appelsindrik – Orangeade (like lemonade?)

Appelsinfromage – Orange mousse

Appelsingele – Orange jelly

Appelsinglasur – Orange frosting

Appelsin-is – Orange ice

Appelsinkoldskål – I honestly cannot translate this – it´s a cold milk-soup usually for summer

Appelsinlagkage – Orange layer cake

Appelsinmarmelade – Orange jam

Appelsinsalat – same

Appelsinskal – syltet – Orangepeel – candied

Appelsinsauce – Orange-sauce

Appelsintrifli – Orange triffle

Appelsintærte – Orange pie